STAIRWAY TO EXTREME Actor-stuntman plans arduous climb of Santa Monica stairs for charity

Zak Lee Guarnaccia is about to give new meaning to taking the stairs. After the actor-stuntman is finished with the stairs April 28, he might not volunteer to take them again for quite a long while. Many a fitness buff relish the steep set of stairs near Adelaide Drive and Fourth Street in Santa Monica for a tough cardiovascular, lower body workout. But while most may meet their calorie-reducing quota after an hour or so, Guarnaccia will attempt to climb up and down the steps for 24 consecutive hours, beginning at 7 a.m. Saturday, April 28. He will not only be aiming to be standing at the end of the grueling step-a-thon but to raise funds primarily for a non-profit that provides free dental

Extreme Athlete To Climb Santa Monica Stairs For Charity

April 17, 2012 -- There are extreme athletes and then there are extreme fundraisers. This month, local actor, martial arts expert and extreme athlete Zac Lee Guarnaccia will combine both a 24-hour long, live-streamed stair-climbing marathon. The "Step-A-Thon" -- which will benefit Homeless Not Toothless, a nonprofit that provides free dental care for homeless children -- is scheduled to take place beginning April 28 at the Santa Monica stairwell at 4th Street and Adelaide Drive, and will end April 29. Guarnaccia, 47, says he is confident that he will ace the challenge. "The easiest part for me will be the stair-climbing," he said. "The hard part is selling the fundraising part of it." Guarna

Former International Martial Arts Champion Zak Lee Guarnaccia's Extreme 24-Hour Challenge Raises

LOS ANGELES, Calif. /eNewsChannels/ — Former International Martial Arts champion Zak Lee Guarnaccia, of LightRow Pictures, with his strong will, is going to attempt a staggering endurance-fundraising challenge in Hollywood. On April 28, 2012 at 7 a.m., for the benefit of Homeless Not Toothless, Zak will endure the 24HX Extreme Step-A-Thon fitness challenge ( climbing for 24 hours up and down the popular Santa Monica stairs (Santa Monica, California). The grueling step-marathon will raise fund to refurbish a dental clinic for over 28,000 area foster children as part of Brentwood dentist Dr. Jay Grossman’s Homeless Not Toothless charity – http://www.HomelessNotToothles

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