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This Is My Story



Along the way of my acting, stunt and martial arts career someone describe me as I am a renaissance man, I might resemble the physical comedy of Buster Keaton with the wry sense of humor of Peter Sellers, with some abilities and the charm of Jackie Chan. As a dramatic actor a villain with the rugged character look, with the passion of Antonio Banderas and the intensity of Gary Oldman, along with a dash of an Italian attitude thrown in for spice.

Born in Rome from a Sicilian Father and a beautiful mother from Umbria, Zak has led a dynamic and passionate life. As an actor, Zak is well rounded, charismatic, and professional. “I am an artist in body and soul; my goal is to express my talents on stage, in writing and on the big screen.”

Zak Lee Guarnaccia spent six years in the Academy of Art and studied photography in Italy. Zak has appeared in numerous films and television series and he is well experienced on both sides of the camera, having a strong, functional understanding on how to construct action. With his unique and inventive way, he will continue work in acting and as stuntman and collaborate as a fight choreographer to develop films and fitness products.

"Rules" a non-­‐budget action/drama feature film distributed in all retails store in USA is Zak's debut as director. He is also an accomplished screenwriter and has produced numerous short films and entered several film festivals. Zak is an award-­‐ winning actor and has been nominated for "best fight choreographer" at the AOF-­‐ Film Festival 2009. Winner-­‐ Best Actor 2003 Digital Video Festival for "The Boss", Breakout Action Star Award Nominees 2006 Action on Film International Film Festival.

Zak Lee Guarnaccia

He was a multiple Martial Arts and Kickboxing Italian champion and won the European Championships title twice as well the Pro-­‐International Championships and fitness expert with few successful exercise videos in the market.

Creator and Producer of the very first exercise video “TaiBox kick To Fit” (1998) he hire the radio host personality Ellen K (from 102.7 KIIS FM) to be his co-­‐host and reached number 6 position on the Billboard video chart.

Zak's comedic actor talent get revealed in the romantic comedy feature film, Everybody Wants To Be Italian, Zak’s guest starred on prime time TV show Medium (NBC) as serial killer Julian Piers. His latest (2016) major roles in his career was to join the cast on “Live by Night” playing Adomo Valocco opposite of Ben Affleck on the American crime film, written and directed by the Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck, Stunt-Actor on Judas the Black Messiah, supporting role on RED NOTICE (Dwaine Johnson), Co-Star on The Morning Show (Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell), Mayas MC, Hollywood, “S.E.A.L. Team”, “Rush Hour”, “Criminal Minds Beyond Borders”, “NCIS Los Angeles” — just to mention a few.

You might recognize Zak in few national commercials with Conan O’Brien, Jamie Lee Curtis and two other spots for Mercury Insurance and AT&T.

He began with the aspirations to teach children's and adult’s karate and kickboxing and well being in fitness, and demonstrate he's expertise on the big screen. He owned and works as group fitness manager on two sports clubs in Italy and develops and taught the K2F Kick2Fit fitness program at Crunch, Spectrum Clubs, Bodies in Motion, 24 hour Fitness and many more.

He have been in training nearly all his life, earned 3 different black belt from 1st to 3rd degree in few martial arts style and fighting system, has he studied with such renowned masters and champions: Hirokazu Kanazawa, Toshio Yamada, world kick boxer champion Dev Barrett, the legendary kick boxing champion, Benny "the Jet" Urquidez and world kick boxer champion Peter "Sugarfoot" Cunningham. Zak also spent time in China perfecting his moves and forms through rigorous training at the Shaolin temple, and train in Wing Tsun under the W.T.O. organization founded by Master Leung Ting and continues to train in Filipino martial arts under Guru Daniel Inosanto.

During the economic tough times, and in a moment of desperation, Zak considered acting in adult films, but as much as he loves the ladies, this was the only job he didn't have enough guts to go through with it. As Zak reached several times the rock bottom of his life -­‐-­‐ losing everything, but not his will, health or happiness 

bouncing backup and constantly reinventing himself to reach is ultimate goal-­‐-­‐ his dream of acting and filmmaking.

Zak is an authentic individual and a unique Independent filmmaker, resembling a super hero coming out from a comic 

book to keep a close eye, breaking the rules, telling his personal story and the making of his action film "Rules" with next to zero dollars; but is not a hero, as heroes follow rules.

Zak Lee Guarnaccia, as an independent, restless entrepreneur of the entertainment industry he’s the Owner/Executive of: LightRow Group ( a 10 acres Movie backlot and currently has in his agenda several feature films in development, also hi's the inventor and Full Patent owner of the X3S BENCH ( exercise equipment.
He is a strong animal activist and environmental defender, loving animals deeply from is young age with the main purpose in his life to make an incredible change on this planet.


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