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LightRow Pictures To Develop 'Rules' Sequel RULES REBORN

Zak lee Guarnaccia Executive Producer/CEO of LightRow Pictures is currently developing the sequel/remake of his previous action martial arts cult film "Rules" Working Titled RULES REBORN. The original film "Rules" is available at many outlets nationwide. After last April with Zak's incredible achievement on his extreme fitness challenge for the charity organization Homeless Not Toothless climbing the Santa Monica stairs in California for 24 hours non-stop, he's moving forward to produce three of his main feature films. "Rules Rebourn" "The Next Big Hit" and "The Cook and The Thief."

"Rules Reborn" pre-production is unknown but the buzz and the interest is already being spread out.

Zak says, "This will be an incredible raw fast paced martial arts action drama, based on the same character Pietro, played by Zak Lee Guarnaccia and his future journey on the must desolated hottest road in USA."

It will feature Zak Lee Guarnaccia with his rugged look and relentless martial arts and stunt-work. This Italian and Award Winning actor still as an Italian Jackie Chan along with a dash of an Italian attitude thrown in for spice.

Zak Lee Guarnaccia few recent appearances on such shows such as Spike TV's lead role, Pancho Villa on "Deadliest Warrior season 3", ABC's "General Hospital," American Express National Commercial with Conan O'Brien.

LightRow Pictures has three projects currently in productions and development: The first project is titled "The Next Big Hit," featuring a unique and brilliant concept of a martial arts musical comedy.

Celebrities already interested in appearing in the project include; Mr. Russell Wong ("The Mummy," "Romeo Must Die" and "Joy Luck Club") and Mr. Lou Ferrigno ("The Hulk"). The second is titled "The Cook and The Thief" (, a fast paced slapstick action comedy written by Ken Mora.

LightRow Pictures still filming as Co-produce with Bella Fe Films an animation project titled "Magnum Farce." Attempting to be released in 2013 The project, co-created by the Award Winning filmmaker, writer, director and producer Ken Mora, is a spoof of the "Dirty Harry" films starring Clint Eastwood.

Zak Lee Guarnaccia is well experienced on both sides of the camera, and possesses a strong, functional understanding of how to deconstruct action, thanks to his unique and inventive vision. There is no slowing down Zak as he continues to work and collaborate as an actor, fight choreographer and stuntman in various Film and TV projects.

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