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Back blogging 9 Month later. Catching up with the News!

Im not really a blogger, not even the writing is my cup of tea, I express myself way better with visual content. Art always has been in me from the day I was born, but even that field at the moment is in my storage, I'll bring it back at some point in my life. Speaking about life, I can mention something might will contradict what I just said on the very first opening line, I'm in process of writing my very first book, go figure right? Not to worry, the book will be in English and not with my best English, but with one of my editors supervision. Nowadays seams anyone can write a book or screenplay, as well the majority knows also that many times behind the book have a ghost writer or at least an editor, incase the author doesn't have a special skills in writing, and that will be me, but what count is the idea, the contents, the style and the message I want to send out there. What I can tell you it will be about 50/50 visual content follow with the writing to complete my message.

Today Im not here to actually promote my undergoing book based on LIFESPAN, but just to try catching up what actually I have been doing in the last past eight or nine month, which might will be too much information for one post only, but I can give some highlights and eventually going to the details of the progress on some of my little adventures as Actor, Filmmaker and Entrepreneur on the next post. To get some hints in all my adventure in show business and beyond always my FB page @ZLG919 is available where I share my moments.

I had an amazing exiting 2017, with all my stunts, acting and entreprenuring, I worked in several nice projects and one not so great. Getting a call to work again on The Last Ship TV show was exiting, I had so many call backs for Tv shows and feature that made me feel that I'm doing some right and I am in the game. I received 4 calls to get back over and over again to work on the TV show The Assassin of Gianni Versace, but at the end I didn't book it, I know well that I did a great job must probably I didn't fit the look and as I'm confident the casting director thinking I have what it take to be a stand out actor that I will fit in some other upcoming projects.

It was fun to work on the Intel Project using a new technology on how to shoot a 3D live action, playing one of the stuntman cowboys and working with great stuntmen and stunt coordinator look at the footage and hope you enjoy it.


I had the privilege to work again with the President of Stunts Unlimited Pat Romano on the Fear Factor TV Show season 2018, to test the safety of all the stunts the contenders need to do, so me and the stunt woman Elisabeth Carpenter, we jumped, dived, repelled from a flying helicopter, swimming, hanging on top of giants balls under a flying helicopter and jumping off a speed boat all in a freezing temperature below 30 degrees, that was so fun I can't even described, my adrenaline kicked in less the one second, as soon I jumped out of the chopper!

I also worked on an indie feature that actually I'm not proud anymore to be part of it, always open mind experimenting to improve networking and try to get some new experience even if they didn't pay my regular daily fee, I want it to try, and that was my choice, I don't do the blaming games, I just tell the story and my experience. Simply didn't workout the way I was fantasizing and previously I didn't want to listen much my intuition either, specially when the daily fee is way too low the project is not clear what is about, and who hire you is not your friend either. I want it to keep my mind open and always ready to accept any consequences that might come. I find out after I finish work on set that was only a Previz and not a feature or short film, everything from the begginng was very unclear, the production want it to shoot few short scenes version, just to show the look and feel of the film and eventually to generate the possible funding that the project might need... this is very regular nowadays. I can tell you it was very disorganized, and confusing from the stunt coordinator that start showing his power trip and control freak attitude from the beginning, in a smart way he was very calm, but was very abusive to me on set and off set, threatening me over the phone thinking he own me as I was his slave, slowly I was able to see that he lack of confidence, and to keep his confidence that he believe he had, he needed to control or put down others, and if all this wasn't happening he start flipping out. This is the type of individuals I need to stay away, his not that kind of person (unless he own you) want people to succeed, is not "Flaming your Flames" but rather love to control individuals for his purpose only to succeed. I might get back to this topic if I will like to share on another occasion, but probably not as I'm not a fan talking about negative people, I'll try to to give any kind of exposure that in some way might benefit them nowadays. For now as always I keep moving forward to continue follow my main dreams, goals and ultimate purpose in my life, which is continue to advocate and protect animals and our Mother Nature! My commitment is to prevent not to fix.

Moving forward into a more motivating action and creativity, everything is a experience and a lesson, so My Fitness products X3S Bench still going stronger, I'm looking forward to move up to the next level very soon with the two new version the X3S Elite (coming soon) and the X3S Pro.

It's already in the market. More exiting news on the X3S and videos will be post it soon.

Updates on film projects and TV shows, soon this year I will have some exiting updates, you'll never know what is cooking in my kitchen! and Im not a Chef either! ;-)

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