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Here was the day for a live show (last year end of 2016) organized by the DJI company, promoting the new drone for executives in the show business from several films studios and productions companies in Los Angeles. Great time with amazing friends actors and stuntmen.

Spending couple days at the Warner Brothers studious back lot, rehearsing and performing for a live audience to promote the latest DJI drone that did an unbelievable job, not just the drone it self but the whole entire crew from the DJI company. DJI was able to show how to struct a complex action sequence using only multiple drones simultaneously, they was able to capture very much the must details of the scenes the stunt coordinator and the director planed, at least those ones outdoor, as the scene in the bank (not showing on this video) is done with the DJI handheld stabilizer.

Over all I was very happy of the result and for me was an opportunity to show the skills in front of important executives in the show business. Look forward to have another exiting experience, as live audience give you different vibe, beside for actors and stuntmen is not much room for mistakes.

Im working to develop several projects and trying to upload more exiting news and videos.

Below is my version of the live show, I re-edit the original live show video adding some of our shots we got from our phones and the behind scene ;-)

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