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Zak Lee Guarnaccia Is Set To Star In WASTED And KALM

One of the biggest topics I cover when talking to action actors and stunt performers about martial arts movies is the need for people who are able to carry the weight of both acting and stunt performing, which also makes it easier for certain filmmakers and stunt coordinators to bring action to life on screen. This is something that remains a challenge to a lot of people in film, but it is a challenge that has been embraced far and wide by a lot of people in the world, most notably in the independent industry.

One of those people is Italian-born Zak Lee Guarnaccia, a multifaceted actor, martial artist, fitness expert and Hollywood stuntman whose career has been evolving his career in film, television, martial arts and fitness with well-over two decades of work available for viewing on his IMDb page. Having co-founded ZASH Productions in 2000 with fellow producer Shane Boroomand, Guarnaccia later revamped the company with the new label, Lightrow Pictures in 2008, and released his directorial debut in 2009 titled Rules, a gritty, martial arts action horror film based on a true story. Rules has since gone on to the development of an upcoming sequel titled Rules Reborn, one of several Lightrow titles be co-produced with Paul Lupi under his banner, Mill Reef Films.

This week, it has been announced through a press release issued on Monday, that Guarnaccia is in talks for a role in the action suspense thriller, Wasted (formely known as 'Degradation'), based on a script by producer Daniel Lupi. Guarnaccia also appears in a new pitch trailer for a martial arts bodyguard thriller he will also star in titled, Kalm.

I will be keeping an eye on these two productions as much possible, so stay tuned for more information as it comes. In the meantime, watch the reel at the top of the page, and then check out all the details and more in the press release after the jump.

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