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Ben Affleck’s ‘LIVE BY NIGHT’ Shootout Clips Behind The Scene

Here a short video clip that I edited, on set wasn't allowed to take any photos or videos, but as also I am a stunt performer I thought I need it no matter what, That day we had lots paparazzi out side the Hotel in Pasadena CA., so I decide to do shoot the video anyway for many different reasons,well mainly because I was aware that my role at the final cut might was getting cutout in many different scenes... as today still I haven't see the movie yet, the first screening premiere is tomorrow Saturday 7th at the WB Studious exited and wonder at the same time about my scenes, just remember in this movieI got hire as actor for one of the important scene in the hole story and not as stuntman, this is why Im concern of every shot we have take it.

Still having that gut feeling that some, if not many of those scene have being cut out and specially the one when I felt on a table, the second unit director wasn't able to get it the way was scripted and illustrated on the storyboard, even after over ten takes, for a simple shot, (had nothing to do with my performance) at the end he chose to do a one more shot (we call it safety shot, right?) where you actually that is the only one shot you don't see my face at all, beside just my hand sliding down the table, just because the special FX crew wasn't able to make an effecting special effects to make shatter the glass and bottle was on the table in front of my face without me getting hurt. So on the last safety take they decides to show just my arm sliding down under the table for safety to protect my face and not get hurt from the sugar glass explosion, when instead they where able to do simply an insert later to get the same dramatic explosion effect without my face in the frame, without jeopardize my close-up on my last scene, beside they didn't want to do it on post either, we had lots discussion on set, but knowing the filmmaking I build a concern of the turn around. Unfortunately this situation happening many time on any set, same story just different movie.

So, the second unit director decide to eliminate my face from the action (the closeup, which is import for an actor)... even thought he asked me several times if I was happy with the shot and I kept saying I don't see my face and no one will know who's really got shot if we need to establish who really getting shot? At that point it could be done from any other stunt player that was working on set, didn't make no sense to me and also to many other people agreed with me on the set as well.

That day was a little commotion and confusing what they schedule for my scenes, I got surprise and I had a feeling that the second unit was taking for granted my role or rushing to get it done, Im not sure, but it was a discomfort feeling like that as I thought they didn't care of my role.

They even decide on the spot not to make me say my line in Italian, well go figure this what happen to a non main character supporting roles in the story, things can be change at any times, on the spot and on the final cut as well.

Honestly Im aware of all this cause as Im a filmmaker as well, but seeing a confusion from talented top notch cinematographers, got me a little of thinking. Unfortunately I don't like it, but I totally understand how this things works, for the productions what count at the end of the day is to deliver the right look and feel, and the message for the film. ZLG

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