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Ben Affleck’s ‘LIVE BY NIGHT’ Features Actor, Martial Artist, Zak Lee Guarnaccia

What is the meaning of telling stories? Zak Lee Guarnaccia is a multifaceted actor, Hollywood stuntman, filmmaker, martial artist and fitness expert, whose career has been evolving in film, television, martial arts and fitness for well-over two decades. Guarnaccia is thrilled to join the cast play Adomo Valocco one of the most Italian dangerous assassins on the prohibition time on “Live by Night” – the upcoming American crime film, written and directed by Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck, based on the 2012 novel by Dennis Lehane and distributed by Warner Bros. Affleck is also producing along with Leonardo DiCaprio. By Angela Polchat-Ferris (on set inside story coming soon as well I will upload a small video clip the action behind the scene)

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