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Missed Golden Globe, Sag/Aftra and the Oscar Award Party... and no booking a co-lead role in action

I haven't attend no either one, but I had the chance to go at least to some Oscar after party, but I didn't go as I was busy with all my projects, and believe it or not I completely forgot to contact my publicist and discussed if was worth it to go to any Oscar parties. After the all went down specially at he Oscar night and what actually going on at this very moment in the society and in the political field, probably for me wasn't the best time to go. As who's was going to pay attention at me? very challenging to leave a mark in the show business, at least a good mark. Well remember for some reason I'm still consider myself "the Underdog" right? and like in any business timing is everything, no matter what we wishing or need to be done, from creating a break through or improving something in our life or career. Beside my AT&T National Commercial was airing on the OSCAR AWARD so in some way I was present to a million... if you only could remember my face and what I did... LOL (here is the behind the scene and the full spot)

So I still really thinking wasn't the best time to go and Im glad I haven't push it to be part of it, and wait the right moment that fit best for me to introduce myself to the bigger shots in Hollywood.

Also I missed to be part of an indie action film shooting in San francisco, simply because I don't have big NAME and not because I don't have SKILLS. I will preferred not to mention the name of the project for many reasons, and specially out of respect to the all productions as well the friend was try really hard to land me the job. (eventually you will figure it on your own which project was) After a long talk with my friend producer and later communicate with the other Producer and Director of the project for over two month, they kept me really on stand by, to be in the cast and/or be the Stuntman and the Fight Choreographer.

They warned me as and apologies as well that they were able to offer me due to a tight budget a low salary, also not be able to pay my accommodation in San Francisco. Hum? after all I thought OK might be not a great cash flow, but this could be another way to introduce myself wearing another character and see the reaction at the end of my work.

Well specially after the last few emails exchange, I thought I had the part as I even audition on video and sent to the director... the director himself reply my email as he was really impressed of my work and he loved me to play that specific role or at least getting hire as Stuntman and fight choreographer... as talent I always have remind myself, till the talent don't get to sign the contract and establish the salary, nothing is consider booked.

I thought I was waiting just the confirmation and the contract as the principal photography was getting really close. For two days I haven't heard anything from the either one of them, so I was wondering and texted my producer friend asking the update, she didn't reply right away (must probably busy with the productions) but the next day I receiving a text with the apologies that they have hire one of my long time friend...

Lou Ferrigno! Yup! the Hulk.

I was really surprise as from the screenplay and the story and as a martial arts movie genera, my role was to be the villain martial rats expert and as much I love Louie and couldn't understand why him (even thought I know why) he's has not martial arts background and can hardly move as fighter... and yes he might move like a Conan, Hercules style, but not quite like a martial art fighter... But I see why, and totally understand (but still don't really like) the leader of the movie has no much background in the film industry and in martial arts (he might start chewing something in martial arts) and the productions need to add some kind of "bankable name" to put in the poster or cover even if is just a cameo so can have more chances to sale the movie internationally... But my little question is where they found the money to pay Louie when they had a difficult time to pay my basic salary and transportation? Well I have this answer as well... the end of this story is in any indie films many times is "NAME ACTOR vs SKILLS ACTOR" NAME ACTOR always win! If I had the SKILLS and a real HOT GIRL willing to do very much almost anything, I might was able to get the part. Classic story in Hollywood, nothing different, the only different is the people and the project, but the story is the same. Being there many times before.

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