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TRAFFICKED last role as Despicable Italian Human Trafficker.

Always is very important as actor and stuntman to remind my self that In the movie industry there are no small role there are only small actors. In TRAFFICKED, I play the Italian Human Trafficker (the most heartless human role I ever play) starring Ashley Judd. The film will be release soon in US, Im not sure yet the distribution platform as my best guess might be direct to DVD and VOD, but the film premiered in several cities, and last month (March) was in Italy at the Ferrara Film Festival and I even made quite beat in the trailer, very cool...

TRAFFICKED Director: Will Wallace, Cast: Ashley Judd, Anne Archer, was a special cast for this type of project. A film that is based on Human Trafficking around the world, every year, thousands of teen-agers from many countries risk death and endure forced labor and sex. I'm an animal advocate and vegan, constantly in my best capability trying hard to help Mather Nature and the Animals Rights, but if the humans is capable to do those horrible things to another humans, I can't even imagine how we can make possible to STOP the Animal abuse and killing? Although, before Im entering into another topic conversation, I was very happy to work in this project, specially because usually for what ever reason, I have a challenge to book an Italian role. I know for you might be hard to believe, but I have been rejected from severals casting directors and stunt coordinators that told me or told to my representation, that I don't look or sound so much Italian... I know, you again might say "how he doesn't sound Italian?" Well I had several stories mainly with casting directors that required "an Italian look, originally from Italy and with the original Italian accent". The auditions I did all went very well to me, this mean I didn't stumble or thinking I made some mistake on my part, so I did best of my ability, but several times end up with the Casting Director comment that I don't look Italian or sound like... really? So as most of us knows anything can go in the show business, I have to always reinventing myself to be able to generate more roles to keep going. Mainly all are Villains and actually I love those roles the are the best, because I can be very creative to develop unique character each time.

I'm in process to develop and produce couple indie action feature films under my company LightRow Pictures and Im very exited, soon I will give more updates, and not just in the show business but as well in the fitness industry as my X3S Bench Fitness Exercise equipment is in the market and going very well, so more bunch updates very soon.

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